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SELECTION ANNOUNCED! - International Artistic Residency in Beppu 2013

We would like to thank all the artists who have applied for THE INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC RESIDENCY IN BEPPU 2013 on the theme "A COURSE THROUGHOUT BEPPU CITY".

We received a huge amount of applications: more than 800! We proceeded to three selections: at first we kept about 500 applications by automatically eliminating all the applications of the artists who did not respond to the criterias mentioned in the open call. Then we have selected 300 projects viewing how artists responding to the of the open call and looking to the previous art works and to the artists'statement. Finally we chose 39 applications and selected 2 art projects (we still need to explore the possibility of selecting 2 other more).


The selected artists are:

Elodie Dornand and Seung-Hwan Oh (French/Korean). They will propose a course of evanescence composed by paper graffiti realised on the streets of Beppu city. They will also depict some portraits of inhabitants half-way between reality and fantasy.

Christophe Rault and Silvain Gire (French), from Arte radio (http://www.arteradio.com/). Together they created Arte radio which is the radio branch of the French-German TV channel Arte. Silvain will write a fictional scenario inspired from the reality he experiences in Beppu. Christophe will record, mix and edit the sounds of voices, noise of daily urban life or nature... At the end, they will invite the audience to live a radio journey across Beppu city.


Please note that artist who could not make it through the selection process, despite the quality of their work, won't receive any message from us. We would like to inform all the artists who wish to apply a second time that they should keep an eye on our website to learn about the new residency program which will be hold in 2014.

All the applications have been looked through with a specific attention to the required documents such as the artistic proposals, the previous art works and the expectations of the artists. We gave priority to artists who presented a proposal related to the theme of the residency "A Course Throughout Beppu City" and who proposed a new art project (as it was specify in the open call). We focused our attention to artists who gave an idea or who wrote a scenario of a poetic and artistic course. We were aware that for the artists (as for BEPPU PROJECT) it is difficult to think of a proposals in English for those who are not English native speakers. To help the selection process beyond the language's issue, we checked the relevance of the previous art works with the videos, photos. This helps to have a better idea of the artist's background and her/his artistic's statement. In this case, it is true to say that we rely on the visual content of websites, photos or videos of previous art works. We were also aware that the artists are not supposed to know the city of Beppu. This is a difficulty for them when they had to write a proposal (as well as it is also difficult to plan a production costs's evaluation). The only proposal they can write might be abstract and theoretical.

However this is a very exciting and interesting aspect of the residency. It is important for us to welcome artists who can have a new look on what they see and who can bring different point of view to give birth to a new art project / workshop / lecture.

The BEPPU PROJECT selection committee was composed by:

Mr Jun'ya Yamaide, Executive Director

Mr Takashi Serizawa, Director and Executive Director of P3 Art and Enviroment

Mr Akio Hayashi, General Secretary

Mr Tomohiko Ogawa, Artistic and Technical Adviser

Mr Kensei Ieiri, Production Manager

Ms Marianne Bevand, International Programming