Since 2008 BEPPU PROJECT has run artistic residency series under the name "KASHIMA". Beppu city is famous for its large amount of hot springs and the word "Kashima" in Japanese refers to the house where you stay when you enjoy spa-therapy to heal your body and soul.
This year, KASHIMA becomes an international artistic residency and has received about 800 applications from artists overseas!

For this residency, we asked artists to work on the theme "A COURSE THROUGHOUT BEPPU CITY". 

This is a reference of the large amount of hot water flux naturally existing in the city. But it also refers to the flux of population that transit in Beppu for touristic reasons. The artistic creation will be large-scale projects like an invading flux that is expanding and reaching many people (art projects will tend to be accessible to everyone). Like a vital liquid that flows through the veins, the art will unfold from the heart of the city (Beppu downtown) to its furthest extensions (Mountains).

vol.1  ARTE RADIO <Silvain Gire & Christophe Rault> (FRANCE)

Arte Radio
is the online radio of the German-French channel, Arte TV and was founded by the journalist and writer, Silvain Gire and the sound engineer and creator, Christophe Rault.
Arte Radio will propose a fictional radio journey in Beppu from interviews of inhabitants and sounds of Japan. Silvain Gire, Editor-in-chief of Arte radio, will write the story/scenario about Beppu and Christophe Rault will record, mix and edit the sounds. The radio journey will be a way to experience short modern fictions, intimate stories, funny and poetic, through the city.

During their stay in Beppu, the artists will live in the artistic residency Kiyoshima Apartement. Their studio for working is located in the apartement on the first floor of the Noh Theater in Beppu.

Residency period: End of January to March 3, 2013 (for Christophe) to February 22 (for Silvain)
Workshop (how to record, mix and edit the sound): date, time and place to be confirmed.
Public listening session: date, time and place to be confirmed.
Event opening (radio journey): February 25, 2013 (Pre-opening on Sunday 24)

vol.2 Elodie Dornand & Seung-Hwan Oh (FRANCE/ SOUTH KOREA)

Elodie Dornand and Seung-Hwan Oh will present a course of evanesence with paper graffiti on the walls of Beppu city.
Paper graffiti will flourish and vanish under the effect of time or steam... Artists will create these paper art works from drawings and pictures of Beppu's urban and natural landscape. They will also depict faces of inhabitants making their portraits half-way between reality and fiction like fantasy characters. The art work will open new ways across the city that the audience could take to discover either a secret art work (small and intimate graffiti in narrow alleys, inside onsen, at the corner of a street, etc) or large-scale graffiti visible from far away (huge drawings stuck on buildings's wall, or bridge).

During their stay in Beppu, the artists will live in the artistic residency Platform05. Their studio for working is in a community center which is located at the first floor of the very traditional hot spring, Kamiya Onsen.

Residency period: End of January to March 24, 2013
Photo shooting session: February 14, 2013 from 10h to 17h (the location is to be confirmed)
Event opening: March 18, 2013 (Pre-opening on Sunday 17)


Artist-in-residence program funded by 文化庁 - Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan      

With the support of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs -  Institut Français du Japon    

For sponsorship and media request: please contact marianne@beppuproject.com