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KASHIMA AIR: Results of the Open Call!

1) Selection's results

We have selected two artists group for the next International Artist in Residence - KASHIMA 2013 2.

(please note that only selected artists have been contacted by us)

We will present the selected artists in residence and their projects around mid-August. Please visit our website at this time to get more information.



We would like to inform artists who are searching for a residence space and who have already a funding to develop their project in Japan, that we will open "platform05" as a residence space from the beginning of August all along the year.



2) About the selection process

After the open call closed, we considered all the application (about 400 projects received). We had three weeks to proceed to the selection following three steps: a first study of the projects leads us to choose 65 projects, after a second selection, we kept 30 projects and we finally decided to select 2 art projects for this residence.

The jury was composed by:

Mr Jun'ya Yamaide, Executive Director

Mr Takashi Serizawa, Artistic Adviser and Executive Director of P3 art and enviroment

Ms Tae Yoshihara, International Affairs

Ms Marianne Bevand, International Affairs 

We would like to thank you all the artists who have interest in our residence program and who have applied. We received about 400 applications from all over the world (53% from Europe, 22% from Americas, 19% frmo Asia, 6% from Asia, 3% from Oceania). We gave priority to projects which responded to the residence's theme "Space-Time", provided a good proposal, showed example of relevant art work and professional background. Although the theme could appear restrictive, the residence in Beppu is a time for artists to explore and develop a project starting from an idea.

3) Thinking the theme

The Residence in Beppu is an invitation for the artists to experience another world and time.

Recently arrived in a foreign country, the foreigners don't have their mind spoiled by the routine because they are like explorers who move with their eyes wide-opened and with a total and full awareness of the environment. Thus it is a great potential for the emergence of ideas.

Besides, during the residence, the foreign artists are affected by the time-difference and the cultural gap. Their difference diversifies the reality and opens a window on something strange and new. In this moment, the creation and imagination can arise.

Being in Beppu, artists are confronted to the physical and cultural aspect of the city. We particularly orientate artists to consider the architecture and infrastructure which compose many layers in the city. The new is overlapping the old, giving an impression of chaos sometimes. Also, the city is affected by the passing time. With the changing light, the environment, people and place seem to change of appearance. We would like to invite artists to experiment these moments or explore the time which seems to pass by a different rhythm. A rhythm that suits for the creation because it allows the art to develop fully and entirely.

Saying this, it became an evidence to propose the theme, space-time, which is an inherent dimension of the residence and which matches with the specificity of Beppu.

To make a parallel with Sci-Fi, foreign artists could be travelers that suddenly occupy a space for a limited time to change or interfere slightly or more consequently with the reality, and then to return where there are from. This way the residence could be a door we can open to move in hallways to visit places, meet people and return home. But after passing, nothing is remaining exactly the same. Like the Butterfly Effect but without considering chaos as a negative effect, but as a creative opportunity, the very small oscillation of the reality, appearing during the residence in Beppu, could lead to a great change.

Expected area for the artworks and location of the residences (platform02, platform05):


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