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10月11日「KASHIMA」 滞在成果発表展のOPENING EVENTです!

テーマ / Theme: spacetime / 時空


"A film, like a capsule to travel in other worlds!"

「ゆっくりとした、別府での日々」 (上映会) / "Slow days in Beppu" (film)
by ミハイロ・ジェヴチク&イエレナ・クレネタ MIHAJLO JEVTIC & JELENA KRNETA

Mihajloプロファイル.JPGミハイロ・ジュヴチクとイエレナ・クレタはセルビアの映画作家です。彼らは新作を作るために、45日間別府で滞在制作を行いました。数日間のリサーチの後、別府にちなんだ短編映画の制作が始まりました。ミハイロとイエレナにとって、初の来日となった別府の地。 様々な体験によって生まれた、2人の見た別府とは・・・。

Mihajlo Jevtic and Jelena Krneta are Serbian film makers. They have been invited for a 45 day artist in residence in Beppu to create a new artwork. Mihajlo and Jelena discovered Japan for the first time. After a research time, they realized a short film based on Beppu. It is a film from their point of view, inspired from what they experienced here in Beppu.

内容 : 「ゆっくりとした、別府での日々」 短編映画の上映
上 映後、アーティストによるトークがあります
(モデレーター : 芹沢高志 P3 art and environment統括ディレクター)
期間 : 上映(25分) & トーク (30 分)
場所:永久別府劇場 (別府北浜 1-1-12)
料金: 無料
予約: reserve@beppuproject.com

Event : "Slow days in Beppu" short film screening
The screening will be followed by a talk (moderator : Mr Takashi Serizawa, Director of P3 Art and environment)
date&time: Oct 11 (Fri) 19h30
location: Eternal Theater (1-1-12 Kitahama st, Beppu)
entrance: free
reservation : reserve@beppuproject.com

JOIN! facebook グループ:https://www.facebook.com/groups/KASHIMAspacetime/
主宰:NPO法人BEPPU PROJECT http://www.beppuproject.com
助成:平成25年度文化庁芸術の海外発信拠点形成事業 Fund: Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan

「ゆっくりとした、別府での日々」 (上映会) とは...
About the short film "Slow days in Beppu"...

Mihajlo_small作品のために copy.JPG



From the boat, the foreigner sees the city. Mountains and steam. Nobody is at the port. He crosses the street. An old lady greets him. He stands in front of the shop's entrance. A cat sleeps on the floor, snoring . An old couple passes by. "Konnichiwa, konnichiwa".  He continues and gets into the nearby onsen. Nobody is inside. Hot, hot water. Soap, towel.  He gets out in the Beppu's night. Lights, neon lights are everywhere. Two old men start playing music on the street, one has a guitar and another the accordion. A bunch of people follow them into the dark alley, singing an old, friendly song.  A child crosses his way, smiling.

 ( Impressions of a foreigner )




ミハイロ・ジェヴチク&イエレナ・クレネタ MIHAJLO JEVTIC & JELENA KRNETA

別府で滞在期間 residence period in Beppu:  9/5 10/16


Mihajlo Jevtic and Jelena Krneta are collaborating together to create short films. During their stay in Beppu the artists made a short film. In their idea, films are like capsules to travel in other worlds and to live another life than our own life. A film is also capturing people, space and time all together. Thus the creation process will be a great opportunity for encounters and surprises!